Round 1 Tyre Rule


Tyres rules for Coastal Model Car Club

The 1st round of the 2019 season is a first for the series is on the tarmac.

The committee has agreed that this being an experimental round we do not want to force drivers to purchase specific Slick / On-Road tyres for the event, allowing drivers to use tyres they already have, making it fair for all entrants.

As such the tyre rule for round 1 is as follows:

Tyres must be commercially available and sold as an "Off Road" or "Dirt" tyre. Slick / On-Road tyres or tyres listed for "clay" will not be allowed.

If in doubt please post on the Facebook page or contact the committee directly.

Short Course Trucks to be recognised by the BRCA


The UKSC has been looking at joining the BRCA for a few years now via the 1/10th section This year the BRCA created a working group called Club Sport as a way to introduce new sections to the association. Members of the UKSC committee have attended a number of meetings with the BRCA team to move this forward.

We will keep the UKSC and Facebook updated as the journey with the BRCA …read more

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